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Embroidery Products singer embroidery products

While your embroidery sewing machine can perform many embroidery techniques, there are still some components you'll require before putting all of your embroidery ideas to needle and thread. From embroidery sewing machines to embroidery thread the Sew Shop can completely outfit you with all the embroidery products you need whether you are just entering the world of embroidery sewing or embarking on a commercial embroidery business.

The Sew Shop carries the following embroidery products:

Embroidery Thread
It's the design plus the thread and fabric that brings your embroidery projects to life. Discover the wide variety of embroidery thread colors and textures the Sew Shop has to offer.

Embroidery Stabilizer
Offered in tear away, cut away and wash away varieties, the Sew Shop provides the support your embroidery pieces need to last.

Embroidery Spray Adhesives
Keep your embroidery designs in one place during the embroidery sewing process with embroidery spray adhesives from the Sew Shop.

Embroidery Sewing Machine Software
Whether you prefer clean and simple embroidery designs or something more intricate, create embroidery designs quicker and easier with embroidery sewing machine software.

Embroidery Sewing Machine Designs
Whether you need embroidery inspiration or specific design themes, the Sew Shop's embroidery sewing machine designs are sure to spark your interest.

Singer Embroidery Sewing Machine Cards
Singer embroidery sewing machine cards allow you to create unique embroidered designs with your Singer sewing machine.  

Embroidery Hoops from Magna-Hoop™
Keep your place and prevent slack in the material as you embroider a large project. Whether in your lap or on a sewing machine, embroidery hoops from Magna-Hoop™help you create your intricate embroidery design in small sections of a larger piece.

Embroidery Sewing Machine Feet
Add multiple dimensions to your embroidery project with embroidery sewing machine feet from the Sew Shop. Whether it's cording, fringe, braided material, or ruffles, embroidery sewing machine feet make the process simple and easy.

For more information about the variety of embroidery products, including embroidery books, we carry, please see our Embroidery Supplies page.

Explore the world of embroidery sewing with embroidery products from the Sew Shop and you're sure to make your embroidery time more enjoyable. Serving the embroidery community with several local sewing centers,  the Sew Shop invites you to visit or call us at 888-873-9822. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the convenient contact form below to submit any questions you have about  embroidery products.

Discover more about our embroidery sewing machine lines when you visit the Thread Store.

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